Friday, December 20, 2019

Making politicians nervous since ... ?

Back in college, I took a required course in "U.S. government". I took a lot of required stuff I didn't want to take and had no interest in.

One day we had a special guest speaker; some minor state-level elected politician. I tried to pay attention and be polite in spite of the subject. I didn't ask any questions-- I don't remember if questions were allowed. I don't remember who he was or what his position was. I don't remember what he talked about, either.

What I do remember was that he couldn't stop staring at me while he spoke-- actually losing his train of thought several times.

I wasn't making a scene or making faces at him, so I guess it must have been my home-made buckskin jacket and coonskin cap. It was winter, and that's what I wore in cold weather. I guess if it bothered him that badly he should have spoken to the class during a warm spell.

Maybe he thought I was going to whip out a tomahawk and hurl it at him. But I wasn't going to. I probably wasn't even carrying a tomahawk.

A few years later I married the sister of a fellow classmate (ex-wife #1) and he told me he remembered that class and me.
I wonder if the minor tyrant remembers. I doubt it. But it still makes me smile to remember.
And, no, I don't think I still make any politicians nervous. That was probably a one-time thing.

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