Sunday, January 22, 2017

Government meddling catching up

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for December 21, 2016)

Did the Russian government affect the recent US presidential election? Maybe, but remind me again why I should care.

You already know every election is rigged, because "abolish the office" isn't among the options you are allowed to choose from. Until every election has this outcome as a very real possibility, the status quo is in no serious danger.

It wasn't "our election" unless you've sold yourself into bondage to this strange cult called "government". Treasure your rightful liberty. Don't hitch your wagon to any president, no matter who it is, and you'll never need a president to call your own. It's healthier for you.

I don't need Trump, Clinton, or any other elected "official"-- they can't have any positive impact on my life whatsoever. The best thing government can ever do is to simply get out of the way, and yet this is the one thing government most fears doing. They won't risk people discovering how unnecessary their meddling is.

How can it matter if the Russian government interfered in something so dirty?

Those who complained loudest when Trump wouldn't pre-commit to accepting the results of the election are the same people now refusing to accept the results of the election. How is this not funny?

Besides, isn't getting upset over this conspiracy theory just a bit hypocritical? The US government has a long history, over several decades, of meddling in other governments' elections and political processes. Do they believe they should be exempt from the same treatment? If so, why? Because they are special? You get what you dish out, and complaining about it just makes you look weak.

As long as you pretend it's OK to set up a system where someone gets the power to control the lives of others, bad people will continue to look for ways to exploit it to their advantage. It's inevitable. Giving anyone the power to take property from those who produce it, to limit the liberty people are allowed to enjoy, and to otherwise strangle the blessings of life, then worrying someone may influence this system, seems a strange concern indeed.

Govern yourself and the Russian government can't affect your life. It's only when you foolishly hand this sacred responsibility to others-- through elections or other political processes-- that you expose yourself to the risk of someone in some political center, in Moscow, Washington DC, or Santa Fe, smothering your life. Why do that to yourself?


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"La la la... I can't hear you!"

When people are doing something incorrectly, they aren't generally interested in being shown the right way. This baffles me beyond words, but it's true.

It holds true whether it is my daughter trying to bowl, holding the ball completely wrong and getting a gutter ball every time, or people believing freedom comes from government, cops, and "laws".

When I can clearly see what someone is doing wrong, I want to point it out to them. It pains me to see someone fail over and over again, out of ignorance. It's even worse to see them stay the course to failure due to stubbornness.

But, I am learning that instruction is never welcomed. Or, at least rarely enough as to be "never" for all intents and purposes (or should I say "for all intensive purposes" as I've heard people say, who then refuse to say it correctly even when their error has been pointed out- never by me- and they are aware they sound dumb?)

Do people enjoy being wrong?

I know better ways to live among other people. I know how to improve individual safety, and thus "public safety". I know how to end inflation. I know how to protect property rights and end the "immigration" conniptions. These things are NOT rocket science, and it has taken hundreds of years of ignorance on top of stubbornness on top of stupidity to make them seem hard. In other words, it has taken statism.

And most people apparently enjoy the misery they bring upon themselves. Otherwise, why not just drop it and start taking the correct path?


This blog, like all of, is reader supported. 
Any donations or subscriptions are GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.