Friday, February 26, 2021

In which I toy with an anonymous troll-wanna-be

A few days ago I got called a "Randbot" for saying "Government is garbage" in response to a post pointing out some horrible thing a government had done to a population.

The articulate argument against my point was "Not all government is garbage", and then he spent hours trying to find ways to insult me, saying I'm in the Trump cult and various other nonsensical things. Just totally off the rails, was he. 

I pointed out that Rand was a government-supremacist who believed in the legitimacy of the "night watchman" government-- and that I don't. So he kept trying to move the goalposts to find an insult that would stick. He never succeeded.

I don't know who he thought he was trying to attack, but he was wrong.

It was kind of amusing seeing someone double down on being wrong and looking dumb over and over. I don't know if I've ever seen one person so dedicated to so many scattered positions, and all of them wrong. It was quite the spectacle.

He even said I probably see myself as a "patriot", just before he went off against guns. For some reason, he was very offended when I pointed out there's no such thing as "assault rifles". He said I should check a dictionary and didn't like it when I said that if a dictionary said an "assault rifle" is semi-auto and includes such firearms as the AR15, then the dictionary is wrong

Oh, but he owns a gun he tells me! So he's an expert, doncha know!

I don't know why it's so hard for people to accept that dictionaries can be wrong, since they often only tell you how words are used, not what they really mean.

One thing he kept harping on was that I had posted a link to one of my shirt designs, and he hated that I was using the internet to try to make money selling my "sh***y shirt designs". Trying to make money really triggers some people. I think there's a word for people who hate the market... He said I should be able to find a real job now that half a million people have died of... I mean with... The Corona, leaving jobs vacant. (I wonder how many of those who are said to have died with Covid actually had jobs.) 

Anyway, I got busy with life and wasn't able to check back in for several hours to see what his next point was going to be, but when I was able to check in, he had faded off into the woodwork without another word. I was content to let him go.


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