Monday, October 16, 2023

Collective punishment of the innocent

If anyone comes to my town and bulldozes my house, or my neighbors' houses, shoots at us, or otherwise archates against us because of something the US government and its military did to them, they are bad guys. There's no wiggle room.

Even though the US government and its military are unequivocal bad guys who always do horrible things worldwide. They deserve whatever they get, but they are not us. I don't support them or their actions. Don't clump me in with them.

This kind of destructive invasion would be just as wrong as me going in and leveling Washington DC and killing every resident and visitor because of the evil the politicians and bureaucrats ensconced therein commit. The guilty individuals don't make everyone in their vicinity guilty by proximity. Claiming otherwise is a sign you're thinking politically, which has inevitably made you stupid (and evil). Every villain in history has claimed his victims made him do it.

It's wrong-- it's evil-- to behave in that way even if you don't see any other option. Doing the wrong thing doesn't become right just because you can't think of any other way of getting what you need.

This applies to everyone everywhere.

I suspect nearly all passive statism is based on "But what else can we do?" There are always options to committing evil.

Now, if you've decided you "have to" invade, raid, murder, and destroy, and you're OK with being considered a bad guy for doing so, then that's on you. It's your choice. I probably can't stop you or change your mind. I won't feel bad about anything that happens to you at that point. 

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Please consider it.
Thank you.