Friday, January 20, 2017

What "taxes" provide

My 9 year-old daughter already understands that "taxation" is theft.

But today she asked a question about how "taxes" work, and here's the illustration I gave her.

I told her that if she wants an ice cream sundae, she can choose the kind of ice cream and toppings she wants. If the price is what she (or I, as the case may be) is what she is willing to pay, she can buy it.

But, when "tax" money pays for something, you might get a similarly good sundae- or not.

Maybe the ice cream is obviously contaminated with rat droppings. Maybe the toppings are things you don't want to eat, or don't want on a sundae. Chicken nuggets and mushrooms with mud, perhaps. But I force you to buy it anyway, and in the price I include the fee you must pay me for deciding what will go into making this government sundae. If you want an edible sundae, you are still forced to pay for the nasty government sundae on top of the one you can actually eat and enjoy, so basically you have to pay twice to get something decent.

Exactly as in the case of government kinderprisons and actual educational choice. Or anything else "provided" by "taxation" and coercion. Pay twice- once for worthless crap you don't want, then again for the product or service which actually fills your need. Strange "system".

Maybe she understands better now.


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