Thursday, October 26, 2023

Firewood disaster averted

I mentioned earlier that I'm low on firewood and looking to get stocked up. Well, sometimes that doesn't go as planned.

I thought I'd found a seller of firewood, based on the recommendation of someone I don't know. The price was good, it was good wood, already split, and the price included delivery. It was half the price of the firewood business in the area.

I have to admit that it all worked together to make me slightly suspicious-- "too good to be true".

Then the next red flags popped up. The guy wanted to be paid through a payment app before he delivered. He gave a couple of app choices, none of which I use. The kicker? He also turned down an offer of cash upon delivery.

That's when I was no longer suspicious; I knew it was a scam. No thanks. Buyer beware-- at least I didn't fall for it.

So, I'm going in the next couple of days to get some wood from the tree-service guy I don't like buying wood from. The wood is junk that stinks when it burns (mostly Siberian elm-- the ubiquitous tree around here), I have to wait for him to find it in his dump lot after I get there, and it is usually a bunch of knots and forks; hard to cut and split. I have to pick it up it and load it myself, on his schedule. But he's cheap. I'm not thrilled, though.

Next year, I'll try to save up enough to buy from the reputable place that has the good stuff. But that's what I said last year.

This blog is my job. You get to decide if I get paid. 
Please consider it.
Thank you.