Thursday, February 27, 2014

Doing the "heavy lifting"

Sometimes, after finding myself to be the only one who posts a comment from the liberty-respecting side, and being piled on by statists, I'll get a little grumpy.  I'll think to myself "Of course statism gets a pass. Liberty lovers don't stand up and offer the alternative when the opportunity is presented."

So statism seems normal and natural; an unquestioned assumption, for most people. Government schools are just one example.

But, then if I draw attention to the problem others will chime in. Of course they do, because liberty lovers are smart and awesome!

I shouldn't even be feeling that silly initial irritation, because I do realize that everyone sees different things that "need" commenting on- I know I miss 99.99999999% (a guess- it might be much higher) of the statist stuff out there to be seen. Stuff on which others probably wish they had some help defending liberty. No one has time for it all- or we'd all be slaves to defending liberty in internet comments. And any kind of slavery is still slavery.

Simply living free, without initiating force or theft is the most powerful pro-liberty commentary there is. That's The Important Thing. Internet comments are nothing compared to that.

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for doing the hard work of defending liberty however you do it, wherever you are, in ways obvious and subtle, whether anyone else ever notices or not. You are improving the quality of my life with your efforts.