Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11: "Liberty's Memorial"

On this date in 2001, liberty died.  Killed not by "terrorists" or a false flag event, but by the reactions of normal people like you and me.  People who allowed a gang of thugs, calling themselves "government", to destroy the concept of liberty and replace it with some sort of carefully rationed privilege- all because of a very public tragedy.

A privilege that exists only at the whim of those thugs, and is subservient to their wishes.

I came across an older newspaper the other day, from Memorial Day, and one of the ads in it spoke of "Freedom's Memorial".  They were talking about a memorial to dead soldiers, but they spoke more truth than they know.  You only memorialize something dead.  And, government-employed soldiers, whatever their intentions might be, have always helped kill freedom.

So, if a carved monument to dead soldiers is "Freedom's Memorial", September 11, 2001 is Liberty's Memorial.

I remain saddened by the events of that morning, but not for the reasons most people seem to be.  I am saddened because the "event" is ongoing, and accelerating.  It stacks up more victims every day, and will continue to do so until each and every one of us says "Enough!" and means it and backs it up with decisive action.  Unfortunately, I am not sure what that action should be.  But I know it would be "illegal".  The bad guys can't have liberty defeat their schemes.