Saturday, December 02, 2023

Don't trust government with what matters

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for October 29, 2023)

I could never be talked into sending my daughter on a cross-country trip with a stranger. Or worse, with an acquaintance I couldn't trust because of a history of dangerous or unethical behavior. If I did, and something tragic happened, how could I live with the guilt? I know better.

For this same reason, I would never entrust anything I value to government's control. Government has a history, stretching back thousands of years, of dangerous and unethical behavior. I can't trust it and am shocked at anyone who seems to. You may as well hand your child off to a junkie driving a stolen car.

Being under the influence of political authority-- government-- is worse than being under the influence of any chemical intoxicant such as drugs or alcohol.

Anything that matters-- science, the economy, security, safety, health, education, food supplies, and more-- is something I can't trust government to have control or influence over.

I want everything I love kept beyond the reach of government, but this doesn't mean I want government to meddle in things I'm opposed to or not interested in. Someone values those things and I'm not petty.

Space exploration thrills me. The worst situation possible for this essential endeavor is to allow government to license and regulate it.

Wildlife and wilderness; pets; firearms and self-defense-- they'd all be better off separated from government's "help".

Justice is nearly impossible with government courts. They dole out a weak substitute-- punishment-- without distinguishing between mala in se (actual crimes with individual victims) and mala prohibitum ("illegal" because government says so, although there is no individual victim).

I can't think of a single thing I value which needs government involvement; anything I would entrust to government. This goes triple for liberty.

Governments have proven over and over again that they can't be trusted to protect the rights or the liberty of those they rule. They invariably become the worst threat to the liberty of those they are tasked with protecting.

Constitutions haven't worked; even when explicitly listing rights government is not allowed to touch. Politicians find excuses, and the people have no real power to do anything substantive about it. So they vote, instead. Some even side with government, begging it to violate natural human rights they don't like. It's a failed system.

Why would I ever trust government, something I know to be completely untrustworthy, with anyone or anything I love?
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Thankless jobs?

There's probably no such thing as a truly "thankless" job.

If you're getting paid, you're getting thanks

If you expect additional thanks on top of being paid, maybe you're asking for too much.

Even worthless "jobs" like those the pathetic BATFEces thugs do, are paid. Even though their "job" is a negative for society. I'd rather they be charged than paid. But political crooks thank them for harming society by paying them. Yet, I've heard (from a relative of one) of them whining that they aren't appreciated enough. They have no clue.

Maybe if you do hard volunteer work, and no one cares that you are making the world a better place, you might argue that you have a thankless job. (But is it a job in that case?) Otherwise, appreciate whatever form the thanks takes. Don't be greedy.

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