Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Call of the Wild

I shouldn't watch videos about remote towns. I always end up feeling homesick for places I've never been to when I do.

Not that I'd actually want to live in such a town; I'd prefer to live a few miles out of town even in that case. But, even "in town", if the town is like Jarbidge, NV, would probably be fine most of the time. 

I've known of several "towns" that would suit me. I was even offered a chance to live in a ghost town in Colorado on a friend's vast expanse of property once, not that the only remaining building was even slightly fixable. And it was really bad timing, or I would have considered it more seriously. Passing up that Chance was probably a big mistake,

It's not that I don't like people-- I do-- but I also like wilderness and solitude. Sometimes remote places call to me almost more than I can resist. Like now.

Thank you!