Thursday, March 10, 2022

Stray cats

Cheeto and MommyCat

Does anyone want to pledge a monthly donation to help me feed the stray cats on my porch? I've been feeding them for years, but I may have to stop soon. 

There are three regulars-- "Pants" (short for "the Cat With Pants"), MommyCat, and the youngster, Cheeto--with transient visitors who come and go.  

I've tried to find a local rescue group to take them, but that hasn't panned out.

If this is something anyone would be able to help with, just subscribe through Paypal and mark it with a note that says "cats" and that's where it will go. If not, that's understandable. Cats aren't everyone's cup of tea-- I didn't always like them, myself.


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I really, truly appreciate it!

Our local paper had a note about some prisoners trying to escape from jail.
Excuse me, but I think it's a prisoner's obligation to try to escape, no matter what. Regardless of the rules applied to them, or why they are a prisoner. I don't fault them for that even a little, nor would I add a single day to their sentence for it. You aren't rational if you punish people for expressing human nature. In fact, I feel contempt for prisoners who simply accept their fate.

Hate governments, not people

I refuse to let government or the media make me hate Russians for the acts of the Russian government. (Or Ukrainians for the acts of the Ukrainian government, for that matter.)

I hate the Russian government, just like I hate all political government and political criminals (including the militaries of those governments and political criminals). But I don't mistake people for the political government that pretends to act on their behalf. I never have. Just as I wouldn't want people to judge me by the behavior of the political criminals who "run" America and send its military all over the world.

Sure, the majority of Russians may "support" that government. I understand that most Russian people don't realize they have the option of not supporting ANY government or political faction. Just like most Americans don't realize the same. So they may end up "supporting" a state because they don't know it's a choice.

If I hated them for that I'd have to hate nearly everyone everywhere.


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