Friday, September 08, 2023

Not making the argument they imagine

"You're mad about this, but let me explain why it's already been worse than this for a long time. Get over it."

So many times when government supremacists make the case that you shouldn't be angry that government can get away with violating your liberty, they seem to be trying to make the case that your liberty was never safe from government in the first place. I agree. 

Where I disagree is when they then pivot to saying you need to get over it and just accept the situation.

Instead of looking like a reason you should accept the violations, they are making the best argument for abolishing the State.

Scott Adams, on his Thursday live stream, was talking about the case in which Liberty Safe (which neither respects liberty nor keeps property safe) told the Federal Blue Line Mafia how to get into a customer's gun safe (of course, Scott had ALL the important details wrong). 

As usual, when he's right he's right; when he's wrong it's because of his government supremacism.

As a government supremacist, he apparently believes "law enforcement" [sic] needs to have a way to get into people's safes. That's not a reason to accept this violation of your property, it's a reason to abolish the State.

Then, to keep making his case, he was talking about the fear of digital money and how it is misplaced because government has been able to cut off your money any time they want for a long time. Again, not a reason to accept the situation, but a reason to abolish the State.

He makes the same case about your privacy-- it's been gone a long time, so why are you talking about it?

He's not the only one with this blind spot. It's a defining feature of statists/government supremacists.

I know all the arguments for allowing The State to exist. I have heard and evaluated them all-- I haven't seen an original justifcation in decades. They are all balderdash. They are a child's reasoning.

When even government supremacists admit that the State is there to violate you, but then try to justify it with twisted "reasons", it's a clear indication they know they are on the wrong side, even if they don't want to admit it.

The State has been allowed to molest humanity for too long. Abolish it.


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