Friday, July 31, 2020

Real masculinity is non-toxic

I notice that many people-- not you, of course-- seem to be really confused about what is "masculine". They complain about something they call "toxic masculinity", but I notice what they describe doesn't seem very masculine to me. Quite the opposite (and the opposite of "masculine" isn't necessarily "feminine"). Often, what they call masculine I call being a jerk.

Somehow they think the guy going around strutting, threatening people, or picking fights is manly. They think being a cop or a "troop" is masculine (unless it's a female doing that "job"). They think impulsivity or loudness or what I've noticed as a habit of spastic movements is what makes someone manly. They even think the jealous guy who puffs up his chest because he thinks "his" woman looked at another guy is exhibiting masculinity. They seem to see aggression as masculine.

Not even close!

It's not masculine to aggress, but to defend from aggression. Archation isn't manly. Living up to your responsibility to not violate the life, liberty, or property of anyone else-- even when it's hard to do-- is masculine. And more. It's the way to be a decent human being, whether you are male or female.


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