Wednesday, July 17, 2024

What do most government functions have in common?

Most government functions shouldn’t be done at all. By anyone.

The few that remain should be done by other groups, entities, or individuals-- voluntarily, without theft or coercion.

If the function requires theft-funding ("taxation") it must die.
If a function can't inspire enough people to fund or do it on a volunteer basis, it must die.
If a function can't be done without relying on government, it must die.

Use the economic means, not the political means.

If you can't do something without initiating force or violating property rights, you have no right to do it. And others have the right to defend themselves from having it done to them.

If that eliminates the opportunity for you to do what you want to do, or to see done what you want done, that's too bad. Find another way or move on. No one has the right to archate- to govern. If you do what you have no right to do, you're the problem.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Being fine with tyranny

If you’re not willing to defend yourself and your rights from government and its legislation, in whatever ethical way is necessary, you’re saying you’re fine with tyranny.

That's a valid choice. For many reasons. Just be honest about it, and don't criticize those who choose differently.

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Monday, July 15, 2024

Government-required evil

People commit evil because government requires it. I'm not talking about those who work directly for government-- which is obviously wrong.

Gun shops run background checks and keep records of every sale, not because it’s necessary, but because government bullies them into it. It will put them out of business by revoking their "license" and cage the employees and owners if they don't do wrong by following the government rules. So they do, and I can't really blame them too much.

So many people feel they have no choice but to do government's dirty work against their customers, friends, neighbors, and family members. The threat of not doing so is too great.

Look how many violate life, liberty, and property because if they don't comply, they'll face the same fate as gun store owners/employees:
Car manufacturers and dealers, doctors and pharmacists, retail stores, social media sites, carpenters and construction, etc.

Any business deal should be between you and the customer, not between you and the customer at the whim of the state which makes the seller steal money in the form of taxes and fees from the customer, and makes the customer accept inferior products and services because government says so.

And when a business feels it is necessary to sell out its customers to the state, in whatever way it happens, that's even worse. 

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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Politics IS violence

Politics is violence. Worse, politics is usually aggression.

A blanket condemnation of political violence while still doing politics is a denial of reality. It's like calling for people to reject round circles or wet water. I understand why they have to say it, but really...

Politics is violence!

Its violence is usually camouflaged behind other words. Words like "democracy" or "laws". The threats are called something else, too. But politics is violence.

Yes, reject political violence by rejecting politics! Otherwise, you're just making ridiculous noise with your face or laying out a string of absurd words with your fingers.

Politics doesn't improve anyone's character. It doesn't make society better. It's a cancer.

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Reboot your brain

If you allow events to enflame your passions, the critical-thinking part of your brain will shut off. It happened to me for the first 24 hours after "9/11". That experience has caused me to be extra cautious ever since.

It's why I often wait a while before commenting too deeply on events. Other than immediately pointing out the knee-jerk spasms that blame inanimate objects rather than evil losers.

If you're not careful you might do or say things you'll regret once the critical-thinking part of your brain comes back on line. You don't need that. But the state can and will use it to do things you wouldn't tolerate if you were thinking.

Neither TDS nor Trump fanboy-ing will serve you well if you care to think clearly. Politicians are a problem, not a solution. The political means won't solve anything, no matter which side employs it.

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Amendments Convention a trap

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 14, 2024)

Roosevelt County has stepped into a trap. Convening a U.S. Amendments Convention would be a mistake.

The Bill of Rights already contains the most important Constitutional amendments and the federal government usually disobeys the rest...
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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The rifle didn't do this

It's not the rifle's fault. 

I'm already hearing new "questions" about long-range rifles. Maybe I've waited too long to get that bolt-action .308 with a good scope.

It sounds like the Secret Service agents (as well as other cop-types) were informed of the shooter's presence and location well before the first shots. But who knows what's real?

If you've spent 9 years calling someone "Hitler", I'm not going to believe your "shock" at the events. Nor do your calls for "no political violence" carry any weight.

I have other thoughts that would get me banned from most (or all) social media, would make anti-gun bigots AND Trump supporters angry, and probably wouldn't be productive anyway.

I will just re-emphasize: Politics makes people stupid and evil.

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Let's make them all convicted felons

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 9, 2024)

The precedent is set. As of May 30, 2024, every presidential administration can expect to be convicted of felonies by the next administration from the other party. Congressional members of the opposition party could be convicted, as well. They all commit felonies, most far more real and serious than the ones Donald Trump was convicted of.

Democratic former presidents and members of Congress should be convicted of felonies as soon as there's a Republican administration. Nor should the Democratic Party stop with Trump and those who represented him; there's low-hanging fruit in Congressional Republicans. This presents an opportunity to bring the federal government to a grinding halt.

Why do I say "convicted" rather than simply "charged"?

As has been pointed out by author Harvey A. Silverglate, we all commit an average of three felonies per day. This isn't because we're bad people, it's because legislation is out of control-- Congress and the President are to blame.

If an ambitious prosecutor decides to get you, you'll be gotten. As the Soviets said, "Show me the man and I'll find the crime." A carefully chosen venue, judge, hostile jury pool, and instructions from the judge to find the defendant guilty, however you have to do it, and a conviction is in the bag.

It's up to juries to put a stop to this, but most are unaware of their duty to judge the law as well as the facts of the case. If the defendant is accused of violating a law which has no victim (other than government), it is the responsibility of the jury to return a "not guilty" verdict even if they believe the defendant did what he or she was charged with. Even if Hunter Biden lied on the form when he bought a gun. This is called jury nullification. Judges used to inform juries of this duty but stopped doing so when they began acting as agents of the state rather than of justice.

No one has a right to govern another, nor to impose a politician on anyone else. I think there should be consequences for attempting to govern other people, but I think those consequences should be based on real crimes where an individual's life, liberty, or property was harmed, not a victimless "crime" where the only thing harmed is something which can't be victimized: government.

If this precedent makes it too risky to enter politics, it would be a good change.

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Making people stupid and evil

Politics makes people stupid and it causes them to justify evil.

Evil, like government border control,
    ...or conflating government importation of people with "immigration".
Evil, like criminalizing defense of life, liberty, and property.
Evil, like caging (or murdering) people over things they sell, possess, or ingest.
Evil, like stealing property, including money, to support or fund government.
Evil, like tolerating a gang of unaccountable criminals, and even backing them when they clash with society.
Evil, like threatening people into paying a yearly ransom on their property and possessions, making them register and pay fees for things they own, and generally treating everyone as property of the state.


Only stupidity could make people think evil is OK in those instances. Politics is one common way to generate the necessary level of stupidity required. Politics never makes anyone smarter or more ethical.

If you want to change society there are good ways to make the attempt, and there are political ways.

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Friday, July 12, 2024

Killing the competition

Is it okay for a firefighter to shoot anyone he sees with a fire extinguisher? No.

Is it okay for a teacher to shoot anyone she sees reading a book outside of class? Don't be ridiculous!

Is it okay for an accountant to shoot anyone he sees doing math or using the calculator on his phone? Obviously not.

Not unless the individual was in the process of using those items to violate life, liberty, or property.

Then why would anyone believe it's okay for a cop to shoot anyone he sees simply carrying a weapon? It's not, and only a delusional copsucker would argue that it is. "Officer safety" is a poor excuse for cowardly murder.

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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Letting "illegals" v*te...

First of all, ignoring illegitimate legislation that criminalizes crossing governments' made-up lines without permission doesn't make a person "illegal". Believing so is superstitious statism. All "immigration" control-- even if I would personally like it for some reason-- fits the bill. Calling people "illegals" identifies you as a statist who supports counterfeit "laws" and believes government "authority" trumps property rights.

Secondly, I don't think anyone should be allowed to v*te for anything that harms another person's life, liberty, or property. It's never ethical or legitimate.

But, if someone is going to be impacted by a v*te, and they feel the need to v*te in self-defense, I don't believe you should make up rules prohibiting them from doing so. Residency matters more than "citizenship" in this case. Unless you agree that the legislation will only apply to those who v*ted in favor of it, and everyone else is exempt (which would be the only reasonable approach). 

If this is a problem for you, then don't make up (or support) a system where v*tes can endanger anyone in any way. Don't allow any legislation/rules that violate natural human rights, no matter how many people v*te in favor of it. (That was supposedly the idea behind establishing America as a republic instead of as a democracy, but it didn't work.)

I think the whole thing is dumb, but if membership in the club is a requirement to v*te in the club's sham contests, then it is what it is. (But in that case, the rules only apply to the members, and no one else.) 

But making up a rule that everyone who's already ineligible to v*te is not eligible to v*te? You don't have to make up new rules to keep the old rules in force; you'd need to make up new rules to change the old rules. That's pretty simple and clear. Trying to bolster the old rules with new rules seems counterproductive and a waste of time.

But, I also don't quite get why-- considering the broken system we are subjected to-- one party, in particular, finds it so important that everyone who isn't eligible, according to the established rules, is allowed to v*te when it's obvious the party doesn't otherwise really care about life, liberty, property, or natural human rights of just about any kind. (Just like the opposition party.) Do they believe the new v*ters will be (or stay) loyal to them? It would be a foolish bet.

Maybe they just hope to destroy the system, but that would be the end of their power, too. Which is fine by me!

It's all so dumb and messed up beyond hope. This is just another example-- shining a light on all political sides-- that politics makes people stupid and causes them to justify evil.

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Immunize yourself against global government

The best defense from a one-world government is to grow beyond belief in government. 

As long as you're willing to tolerate a little government, you can be tricked into supporting more. And more. You'll always be concerned only with "when it becomes too much".

Any political government is too much. 

No one has a right to govern another and such a "right" can't be created. It doesn't matter if it's a small-town mayor and his flunkies or a Supreme Council for the whole planet. Or a Galactic Empire.

Stop falling for The Most Dangerous Superstition and you'll increase your immunity to governments across the board. Including any attempt at a global government.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Room enough for both

Every time a new store opens in this little town, it's too rich for my blood. I'll go in to see the new place soon after it opens, and I'm usually impressed by what they sell, but everything is out of my price range.

And that's perfectly fine.

I’m glad ritzy stores-- that I can’t afford to patronize-- exist. They make things nicer and more interesting. They are probably the only type of store potentially able to afford the rent in the plentiful empty buildings.

I’m glad thrift stores with dirty, cluttered shelves and cheap, negotiable prices exist too. They are as interesting as the ritzy places, but in a different way. 

Both fill a niche. Both are useful and valuable. Neither one threatens me by its existence. Keep giving it a shot.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2024

The best way to do harmful things?


People spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to figure out the best ways to do things that shouldn't be done. At all. By anyone.

The best way to fund government.
The best way to teach children obedience.
The best way to "run" a society.
The best way to police.
The best way to protect democracy.

I can't stop them from wasting their time. I just wish I had a good way to prevent the harm they inflict with their crazy notions from impacting my life or the lives of those I care about.

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Monday, July 08, 2024

It can't be allowed to continue

Scott thinks he’s listing problems with technological progress while he lists reasons government can’t be allowed to continue.

It's not just him. I see this so often it's almost comical. 

People list reasons why people can't be trusted when what they are actually listing are reasons people can't be trusted with power over others. 

People list the problems with abolishing police when they are actually enumerating problems caused when government prohibits individuals from defending themselves and their property. 

People tell me why liberty can't work when they are really expressing why limited freedom under a government doesn't work. Liberty is all or nothing.

Scott Adams also likes to say there's no such thing as privacy-- he blames corporations as well as government without recognizing they are really one and the same. This is yet another reason government must be abolished for the survival of the species.

When he says insurance companies will be the ones who dictate what we will be allowed to own and do, he's actually pointing out that mandatory insurance, imposed and enforced by government, is how insurance companies will gain the power to impose government's preferences upon us. Another reason government can't continue is thus exposed.

If all the problems you see have a common element, maybe you're blaming the wrong things. Maybe it really is a fact that government is the problem, and you are wasting your time defending the indefensible and shifting the blame away from where it belongs.

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Sunday, July 07, 2024

I will speak out as long as I'm able

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for July 7, 2024)

You are probably familiar with the poem, First They Came, by Martin Niemöller. The one which begins, "First they came for the Communists And I did not speak out Because I was not a Communist." It goes on to list more groups "they" came for.

We are living in such a time the rest...
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Saturday, July 06, 2024

Politics will never increase liberty

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 2, 2024)

If you are a good person who votes for Democratic or Republican candidates because you feel you must, even if you don't agree with the crazy positions the national party holds, I won't hold the party's flaws against you.

I also hope you don't confuse the Libertarian Party for libertarian people. They aren't the same thing at all.

Politics ruins everything it touches. The problem with political Libertarianism is that libertarianism and politics aren't compatible.

Politics is the use of "the political means"-- theft, fraud, coercion-- to force people to do what you want by controlling legislation and enforcement. Maximizing liberty by respecting all the rights of all the people all the time doesn't figure in anywhere. Instead of the political means, libertarianism encourages using "the economic means"-- voluntary interactions, trade, and free association-- to shape society.

A Libertarian Party trying to spread liberty with politics is like a Republican Party advocating an authoritarian police state or a Democratic Party keeping certain candidates out of debates or off the ballot; an embarrassment to its name and all it claims to stand for.

I understand feeling this is what you have to do because it's how others work for change. It won't work for libertarians because they have to disregard what they are to participate in politics. If they win by being un-libertarian, what was gained? It's hard to convince people you've got a good idea and a better way when you follow the same toxic path the others do.

I was once a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party, but it has been years since they nominated a presidential candidate I could support.

The tactic of nominating Republicans who'll hide their authoritarian positions during the campaign, or knee-jerk anti-Republicans who'll go overboard in the opposite direction as a reaction to previous candidates, doesn't advance liberty.

Libertarians have told the other parties for years that if they want us to vote for them, they are going to have to earn it rather than threaten us into it. They never seem terribly interested in earning libertarian support. The same goes double for the Libertarian Party.

I understand that under the current circumstances it appears libertarians would need to be un-libertarian to change society, but this isn't going to work.

If politics is a game you enjoy, go ahead. Just realize- politics of any kind is doomed to never increase liberty in any meaningful way.

I couldn't do this without your support.
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“No weapons of any kind are permitted”

…is how you tell everyone you’re either an idiot or evil. Or both.

First off, “weapon” isn’t a thing, it’s how something is used. Everything, and I mean everything, is a potential weapon. That means you can’t ban weapons. You can only try to ban categories of tools you’re bigoted against. That's idiotic.

Second, bad guys intent on causing harm aren’t going to read or follow your stupid rule! You’re just demanding that everyone be helpless in the face of bad guys. That's siding with the criminals and it's just evil.

There WILL BE weapons present. You'll just be deciding who has the most effective ones. Nothing more.

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Friday, July 05, 2024

After the government worship service

I often go places and act as an alien observer. Mainly just because I'm not there with anyone and I might as well observe the people. See if I can learn anything.

That was the case yesterday morning when I got wrangled into taking my daughter and her boyfriend to a Fourth of July parade (not an Independence Day parade) in a nearby town; a town that an ancient relative used to call "Jenny Slipper". Most people call it Muleshoe.

There was no independence on display, but a whole lot of state worship. And cops making sure no one showed any independence. But, that's a separate topic.

Well, the cowboy doing rope tricks as he rode a flatbed down the street was possibly the most independent of them all. I don't remember if his flatbed was festooned with government symbology. If not, it was probably the exception.

As soon as the parade was over I got abandoned while the teens ran off to do their thing-- they wished to visit the vendors. I followed the crowd (yes, I am capable of doing that) to the courthouse, and picked a shady spot under one of the Siberian elms. These are inferior trees that got planted all over this region a century or so ago and sold to the residents as the superior Chinese elm. Oh well, it gave shade.

Chairs were set up by groups all around me, so I got to hear a lot of interesting and amusing conversations and stories-- one about how someone's cluelessness embarrassed her and inconvenienced a couple of groups of golfers. At least she found it funny now.

Another guy was telling all about his fitness routine, and how he wanted to increase his fitness so he would be capable in whatever circumstances arise. A worthy goal.

One woman was telling her friends about a man who had done her wrong. It didn't take too long listening to her before I completely empathized with the man.

Nearly everyone was eating food from the vendors. Some people were showing off their dogs. People were milling about and chatting.

One thing I didn't hear was any political talk. No one discussed presidents or congressvermin or Supreme Courtjesters. No one talked about elections within my hearing. I didn't hear a single person mention government in any way, even though we were sitting on "government property" [sic] in front of an imposing government building. So, even if the parade didn't celebrate independence, the people at least lived it a little bit.

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Thursday, July 04, 2024

Be independent of the political criminals among us

The very best thing about plagiarist zombie Joe Biden is that he has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that having a human occupy the presidency is unnecessary. This means the office itself is unnecessary. Since it's unnecessary, and has such a great potential to be harmful if "the wrong person" is put into the office, why keep it? 

Abolish the presidency.

Then, because this would upset the balance of power, get rid of all the lawgivers and Supreme Courtjesters to balance things out again.

You don't need any of them, and fooling "the public" into believing they do is one of the sleaziest scams ever perpetrated on the species.

You are enough. You can govern yourself just fine, and that's the only one any of us has a right to govern, anyway. Be independent. Happy (observed) Independence Day.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2024

No one has such a "right"

No one has the right to be a police officer. 

Not even of the nice Andy Taylor variety.

No more than anyone has the right to be a burglar, a rapist, or a serial killer. The "right" to archate doesn't exist and can't be created, not by a majority opinion, by a document, by acceptance, or by a perceived "need".

When actual natural rights conflict with someone's imaginary "right" to be a cop, the cop loses, even if he/she murders the other because of the superstitious belief in "officer safety"/

Don't like that? Don't be a cop.

(I am typing this with my eyes still dilated, so I can't actually proofread what I'm typing. Grammarly is looking for mistakes, too.)

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Tuesday, July 02, 2024

Defense against the DK

I really kind of hate recognizing the Dunning-Kruger Effect in others because it makes me aware I’m probably experiencing it in some way myself.

The friend I’ve mentioned before who “doesn’t need a gun” because she has had medical training and will use her keys for defense if attacked is one person who makes me uncomfortable for this reason. I see this effect in her all the time on so many different topics.

She knows so much that there’s really nothing she can learn from others. But most of what she knows isn't based in reality. Not even close. She doesn't know what, or how much, she doesn't know. She is the textbook example of the DK Effect in nearly every domain she talks about.

At least she makes me think. And, of course, I will never suggest she is experiencing the DK Effect since if she learned about it, I would be an ex-friend. It's just educational for me to observe it in action.

Then I wonder, if she can be so obviously wrong on what she’s confident she knows, how might I be wrong about things I know; about a need to initiate force and theft and thus a need to govern others? 

I do understand the arguments made by those who want to carve out a need for political “authority”, I just don’t buy them. And I’ve tried to see it from the other side. Hard. But maybe I'm wrong. If I'm an example of Dunning-Kruger I wouldn't know.

I do have a sense of what I don't know and how much I don't know (it's a lot). Maybe that's a bit of a defense against the DK. Or maybe I just hope it is.

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Monday, July 01, 2024

Choosing to live in a dystopia

Often, when you point out the absurdity of living with political government, some genius will inform you that "Utopia isn't an option" as a way to justify their acceptance of government's atrocities.
It's kind of a dumb argument. 

The only ones I've ever seen trying to impose a Utopia are those who believe their brand of government is the one which will bring it about.
It won't.

I've never seen a liberty advocate pretending that liberty will bring Utopia. But it's a convenient straw man for statists to try to use against the idea of removing the power of their religion from society-- they already carry it around in their pocket.

Utopia isn’t an option, but dystopia is always optional. 
Government is a way to pick that option.
Choosing to try to govern each other is choosing a path to dystopia.

Liberty and government are mutually exclusive-- the more of one you have, the less you'll have of the other. You might not like what everyone chooses to do with their liberty, but it will never be a dystopia-- for that you'll need government restricting and strangling liberty.

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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Keep independence part of holiday

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 30, 2024)

Do you celebrate Independence Day or do you celebrate the Fourth of July instead?

It’s the difference between celebrating insurrection, secession, and the violent overthrow of a tyrannical government in the cause of independence, or demonstrating your loyalty to an even more tyrannical government and its the rest...
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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Extra rights for some don't exist

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for May 26, 2024)

If a police officer has the right to do something-- anything-- so do you. If you don't have the right to do it, then no one does. Not police officers, CIA agents, bureaucrats, or presidents. A job or a position can't create extra rights; there's no such thing as an extra right.

This is hard for many people to accept because those who benefit from the fantasy of extra rights work hard to brainwash the public into believing it.

The only reason those jobs exist is to hire someone to do things most people would rather not do for themselves. Yet the existence of the job doesn't remove your right to do the things you hire others to do. It can't.

Pretending otherwise is as silly as believing once you hire some kid to mow your lawn you have no right to mow it yourself anymore. And that his parents can throw you in a cage if you dare to do so.

There's no guarantee those servants are competent or can do it better than you could. Or that those jobs should be done at all.

What those jobs do create is illegitimate power over you and your life, liberty, and property. It's the same kind of power a mugger in a shadowy doorway has over you if he gets the drop on you. Having power doesn't make the power legitimate or make the actions right.

It's good I don't have the power to impose rules on my neighbors forbidding them from doing things I don't want them to do, but which violate no one's life, liberty, or property. It's also a good thing I don't have the power to kick in my neighbor's door to stop them from doing something which is prohibited by these rules I or my club dream up. This power is always abused when exercised, whether by a lone individual or by a collective such as society.

Or by an antisocial collective like a government or a mob.

Majority opinion can't change rights into wrongs or wrongs into rights. It can't legitimize invalid power or the attempt to protect and exercise such power. This is why democracy is nothing to fetishize or promote.

It's not safe to confront those addled with the notion of extra rights or illegitimate power. It's also not necessary. Once you see them for what they are, they become trivial to your life.

I couldn't do this without your support.

Wasted potential

Putting a good, smart person into a government "job" is to waste their potential and their value. They could always do more good elsewhere. Always!

Those who are smart and good don't seek government positions. That's why they aren't on the ballot for you to choose. That's why they don't work for the IRS, the BATFE, or the DMV. That's why they don't become cops.

Thank you for reading.  

Friday, June 28, 2024

Only because many people have guns

"Gun violence" is a political lie. Aggression is the problem, not violence. And it doesn't matter what tool an evil loser uses while committing aggression. Not to the outcome or to the victims.

Pointing out this reality makes anti-gun bigots uncomfortable. One told me "All the people who died in mass shootings alone don’t agree with you. Pretending it’s not an issue is the 'political lie'."

So I responded "Do you believe they would have preferred to be killed with another tool? Maybe axes? Or machetes? It's aggression, not the tool."

She came back at me with "That's a fun way to spin gun violence that doesn't exist in other countries. When people ask you if you like apples do you go down a list of every single fruit and why they need to talk about those?"

I knew some version of this would be the reply, and I was ready.
"Do you know why evil losers who want to murder a lot of people in America are forced to use guns, instead of using machetes or knives like they do in other countries? Because enough good people in America have guns that they couldn't get a "high enough" body count otherwise."

Evil losers planning a mass murder want a high body count, whether they plan to survive the event or not. This does inform their choice of tool. In a place populated with unarmed slaves, a knife is sufficient. In a place populated with potentially armed people, an evil loser armed only with a knife would likely die before he killed "enough" people to satisfy his lust for death and destruction. So, of course, he will choose a tool which is both available and would allow him to kill enough people before his aggressive reign of death is ended with violence. In this case he will usually choose a gun. Ban guns, or make it harder for good people to be armed, and he can use an axe, a machete, a knife, a baseball bat, or his bare hands.

And, of course, in either situation, the ones who want a really high body count will usually choose poison gas or a bomb.

Anyone using the lie of "gun violence" as an excuse to allow government to ration weapons is on the side of the mass murderers, whether they admit it or not. 

You don't make people safer by allowing the worst mass murderer in the history of the planet-- political government-- to ration or prohibit weapons to everyone but its own enforcers and death squads. It takes a powerful delusion to make someone believe it would. Statism is just such a delusion.

Three people I cared about have been murdered by evil losers using a gun. I don't blame the gun in any of those murders because I'm not an imbecile. I'm disappointed by those who apparently are.

(The link to this post was removed by FascistBook. They say it violated their standards. I requested a review. Want to bet they'll investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong?)

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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Government's flag

In a comment, I responded to someone's lament about Holy Pole Quilt and how they usually wanted to respect it. I said there were things more worthy of respect than government's Holy Pole Quilt.
This elicited a response from someone else: “The flag is the People's. Not the governments [sic].”

Even if that were once true, it hasn't been true for a really long time. At least, in its earlier incarnations, since the 1860s.

What flag flies in every courtroom where liberty is sacrificed to government interests?
What flag flies over the buildings housing every government bureau and agency devoted to destroying liberty and violating the rights of Americans?
What flag flies at the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court, and over every state government building?
What flag flies over every military base working to make you and I less safe by creating enemies all around the globe by violently imposing the Empire's wishes on the people of the world?
What flag is the focus of the nationalist socialist pledge?

What flag flies at the homes of those who worship the US federal government-- including those who think everything would be OK if government just followed the Constitution?
What flag flies at the houses of those who celebrate the Blue Line Gang and the government's military?
Sure, some people who don't support evil still fly it, but they are such a small minority that they don't change the percentages.

That pole quilt is the government's. 

I understand the desire to claim it as the people's flag. I know how it feels to have something you've loved corrupted and stolen from you. But, at this point, flying the US federal Holy Pole Quilt sends the message that you support the US. That's why, when you buy one, it normally says it is a "US flag", not an American flag. There is an American flag, but that ain't it.

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My AC has gone out for the second time in a month.

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Playing a losing game with a cheater

Rights don’t come from government and rights won’t be protected by the Supreme Courtjesters. Even when they get it mostly right (Heller/Bruen) they leave just enough wrong in there for wiggle room so that they can protect government’s power (Rahimi) to do things no one has a right to do.

Relying on government-- any government-- to protect or respect your natural human rights is a losing game.

It's up to YOU to protect your rights by exercising them. Even if it doesn't always work, it's the only thing that can work.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Levels of awareness- government

I don’t think people realize just how deeply I don’t "believe in" government. 

Government, as a physical thing, doesn't exist and never has. It's a mind virus; a harmful hallucination. It is a hallucination I have nothing but contempt for.

Yes, I know some people use "government exists" as their excuse to bully and rob, but that’s all it is: an excuse. There’s nothing even slightly legitimate about it. Thugs are thugs, regardless of their justification. It's just sad when their victims ignorantly go along with their "reasons" because they believe in government to some degree.

You can tell how aware (of the nature of government) a person is by how they think of it.

Corpse-level awareness: "Government is good, inevitable, and necessary/"

Low-level awareness: "I don't like what this government is doing in this situation. If only it would restore the Constitution."

Mid-level awareness: "Government is naturally corrupt."

High-level awareness: "This isn't corruption; it's working exactly as designed. Government is the ancestral enemy."

Highest-level awareness: "No one has the right (or authority) to govern or otherwise violate another person. Such rights/authority can't be created."

Or, is there a higher-level awareness? Probably. Any suggestions as to what it might be?

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Monday, June 24, 2024

"Get in a man's way"

Making life better is generally a case of getting around government. 

It's why people follow frontiers; why frontiers are essential.

An uncensored internet isn’t allowed in most (all?) places around the world. The right thing to do is make it impossible for government to forbid it. Starlink shouldn't be asking governments to approve its use.

Guns are restricted by government everywhere. The right thing to do is to maneuver around government prohibitions. In any way necessary.

Governments assert their power to regulate air and space travel. The right thing to do is to take this ability away from them. That means removing their ability to shoot down any flying vehicles. 

For that matter, governments are getting more hostile toward any type of vehicular travel-- especially in private vehicles. Or any freedom of movement of any sort. Never give up your ability to travel in unapproved ways to forbidden places.

Government hates and fears liberty and does all it can to crush it. Government and liberty are mutually exclusive; mortal enemies. Liberty requires us to find a way to exercise it in the face of government opposition.

Getting around government and its rules is indispensable to the flourishing of life on Earth-- and beyond. It is necessary today, not only in the future.

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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Rights beyond government oversight

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for June 23, 2024)

I often say politics makes people stupid. I've tried to think of a nicer way to say this, but there isn't one.

I don't tie this to any specific political party, but observe it applies to all of them, through the effect they have on everyone who identifies with the rest...
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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Note to railroad: Be a good neighbor

(My Eastern New Mexico News column for May 19, 2024)

The problem of the railroad crossing between Texico and Farwell has a logical solution. The various plans floated by state transportation officials aren't it.

The logical solution is for the railroad to be raised over the highway.

I understand why the railroad doesn't want to do this. It would be a huge engineering project and a serious inconvenience for them. It would be expensive and it's easier to let the state soak the tax victims for the cost.

They could claim they were there first; a questionable claim at best.

It's not even the railroad's problem-- if a train and a car, or even a big Walmart truck, meet at the crossing, the train has the right-of-way and is going to win. Size matters, and nothing on land is bigger than a train pulling a load.

The railroad could make the commitment to be a good neighbor and do the difficult thing, anyway.

It's no wonder the railroad wants to stay out of it. Staying silent while others test public opinion on poor attempts to solve the problem you could solve may not attract attention, but I notice. Sherlock Holmes might refer to it as the dog in the night that didn't bark.

If I've missed any substantive and useful input on this issue from the railroad, I apologize. I'm with the majority who also missed them offering a real solution.

After decades of no workable solution for this ongoing mess, the railroad could now sweep in like a superhero, offering to fix it for the people of this region and the travelers who've noticed the problem. It would be a major public relations win. I suppose they could even ask the states to share the expense, although this is never the right thing to do.

I have a mostly positive view of the railroads. I have fond memories of sleeping in a spare room off my grandparents' garage in Farwell; the window open, listening to the trains on summer nights. The only time I have a bad feeling toward the railroads is when I am sitting through the third train, desperate to get across the tracks.

Will the railroad do what's right, or will they keep letting the state propose bad fixes that everyone knows are bad?

But what do I know? Not much about this subject, for sure. I do know this needs to be part of the conversation.

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"Paying taxes" is not a character indicator

Often, when statists are trying to sell someone as a good, responsible person, they'll say something like "he works hard and pays his taxes". That's weak.

Doing something productive and non-coercive is great, but I also respect those who don't pay extortion.

I understand complying with government extortion to avoid a larger extortion in the future or to stay out of a government cage, but that's just reality, not a character indicator.

"Taxes" fund government; that's not ever a good thing. Anything that relies on "taxation" to be accomplished or to continue needs to die. Specifically, government and government programs need to die. Even if they occasionally do things that are useful and would otherwise be good, because once you need to fund them with money taken from people who'd rather not hand it over it's no longer good. You can't do good by committing wrong.

If something needs to be done it can be funded voluntarily. If it can't be funded voluntarily it doesn't need to be done no matter what you've been brainwashed to believe. Let it go and do something else.

If you're trying to tell me what a great person someone is, leave out the part about them "paying their taxes". It's empty and irrelevant.

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Friday, June 21, 2024

"Authority" is unworthy of respect

One big difference between me and DemoCRAPublicans: I have no respect for authority. None. It sickens me to see those who do fawning over the people who insist they have authority.

Respect for authority only makes things easier for the evil people who claim to have it. They need you to comply and cooperate. If you respect them for their supposed "authority" you won't have the guts to defy or ignore them. Even when it's necessary that you do so.

I’m not talking about actual authority— expertise (which I do respect)— but of fakeauthority”. The kind that comes from political power. 

I have no respect for that kind of counterfeit "authority". I never have and never will. Whether the one wielding it is a govschool "teacher", a cop, a president, an authoritarian parent, a mayor, or a mugger who got the drop on me. The more they demand my respect, the less they'll get.

I might fake some respect if that's what it takes to not get shot or caged, but it will be 100% fake. In reality, I have nothing but contempt for such people.

Anyone who demands I respect such "authority" is not on the right side. They are assisting monsters in committing monstrous acts, no matter how moral they consider themselves to be. Ethical people don't fawn over authority, even if it's something they feel a sick desire to admire and obey.

I'll engage with you as an equal, unless you prove to me that you aren't my equal.
If you're an expert, and I can see it in you, I will defer to your expertise. Unless you demand I do.
If you demand I respect your "authority" you've proven that you are inferior and unworthy of respect.

Thank you for reading.