Monday, January 29, 2024

Civil war coming?

Is America heading for civil war? "Civil War 2.0"?

No. Not just no, but it would be impossible to have a second civil war.

That's because America has never yet had a civil war. Regardless of what your government-approved history course told you.

There was a revolution, following secession, in 1776; war between America and Great Britain— two separate countries.

Then in the 1860s, again following secession, there was a war between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America— two separate countries. Countries that Lincoln and other thugs wanted to force into unification.

A true civil war is when two factions are using military force and fighting for control of one government, and that hasn’t happened here. 

Any "normal" election is closer to a civil war than any war between separate countries is-- all that's lacking is the shooting, which I could see happening; you already have two opposing factions fighting for control of one government.

The situation between the Texas government and the US federal government won’t become a civil war. Even if it broke up the “united” States. 

Texas isn’t likely to try to take over and control the US federal government. I’m not sure what you’d call it if the feds tried to take over and control the Texas government, but it wouldn’t meet the criteria to be a civil war, nor would it cause one. Secession isn’t a civil war, nor can it result in one. 

If the current situation causes war, it can’t— by definition— be a civil war. Unless you torture, stretch, and twist the definition of "civil war" so that it can include the American "Civil War", which would be a dishonest and political thing to do. Even if a dictionary does it.

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