Thursday, February 28, 2019

Divided (artificially) by government

This town in which I reside straddles the state line between Texas and New Mexico. So, it is "officially" considered two towns. But why?

One town, artificially divided by arbitrary government lines, with different rules... and so the residents can be robbed for the benefit of different gangs of archators. And with different government handouts (of stolen money).

Business-wise, it is one town. The businesses here compete with each other regardless which state they might be in. The differing "tax" rates probably artificially manipulate the market somewhat, but it's not noticeable to me when I'm shopping.

Socially, it is one town. People go to church across the line. They have friends across the line. There's one newspaper. It has one yearly parade and government worship festival.

It is only two towns when you have to take government into account. And then it is also two counties and two states. And two time zones, on top of that.

Government lines are silly.

And this particular line isn't even very consistent. It's supposed to be a straight north-south "border", but depending on where along the hundreds of miles of it you happen to be, the "official" state line is randomly east or west of other parts, based (I suppose) on historical assumptions or something.

Maybe there should be a wall!

This is the border marker. Can you see the state line?


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