Saturday, January 16, 2016

Silly Season in full swing

It's the silly season.

Political passions are heating up and even those who ought to know better are getting caught up.

I see people who will support liberty one moment, and then beg for a slave master the next moment. Or, try to convince you that "Candidate X" is worse than "Candidate Z".

Did I say "silly"? I meant "sad".

Yes, sad.

And others are even worse.

It's very sad watching political addicts grasping at every weak straw, claiming this or that is "The End" of the puppetician they hate, or this or that shows the puppetician they worship is just about to break away from the pack and bring them a win.

And believing there's a difference worth a gram of copper between the different candidates is denial in action.

You have better things to spend your life on. I mean, if that spitting contest brings you joy, go ahead, but don't mistake politics for "doing something" useful.