The War on Terror

Terrorism can't exist without the belief in "authority" and "government".

Regardless of who was ultimately responsible for the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, I think we all agree that it was an act of terrorism. Immediately afterwards those calling themselves "government" claimed this happened because "the terrorists hate our freedom". So what was the "official" response? Was it to throw out all "laws" that prevent us from defending ourselves and others in defense of freedom? Nope. Not even close.

The response was to make more freedoms go away. So, wouldn't this mean that the "authorities" decided the terrorists were not thorough enough so they would finish their job for them? Seems that way to me.

Benjamin Franklin warned that those who give up essential freedom for temporary "safety" deserve, and will have, neither. What you will have is a more powerful bully gang- what most people call "government". Those infected with the superstition of "authority" HATE freedom and seem determined to eradicate it in all its forms, except for mind-numbing entertainment. As long as they can watch movies, listen to music, or play video games, most people foolishly believe they are free. "Bread and circuses".

Where were the terrorists that all of these freedom killing "laws" were supposed to catch? Make no mistake; if there had been any terrorist "cells" in America on the afternoon of September 11, 2001, there would have been more attacks. Nothing happened except that the "US government" declared war on America.

If "government" ever really wants to get rid of terrorism, they could. All it would take is:

Remove any "law" that makes self defense punishable on the ground or in the air!

Remove "laws" regulating ownership and carrying of weapons

Stop meddling with other countries and stop molesting and killing people in other lands.

Abide by the very clear language and intent of the entire Bill of Rights.

Or, even better, stop pretending there is such a thing as "authority" and just go back to being people.

As long as they do not do these things, you can be sure that "The War on Terror" is a phantom menace, orchestrated to keep individuals scared enough to put up with terroristic behavior from "government" and its "laws".

Everything is being redefined as "terrorism"

A consequence of the control freaks' fear and paranoia is that, as they clamp tighter and tighter, they call more and more things "terrorism". Now electronic advertising toys become potential bombs and dissent becomes "domestic terror". An educated person can make a bomb, poison, or a gun from things lying around most any household in the country. The only missing ingredient is knowledge. Remember the communist dictatorships where knowledge became a fatal condition? Welcome to the New USA.

Recently, after being publicly exposed, the Department of Homeland Security took down its webpage which defined "Domestic Terrorists" (Page 1, page 2) as those who: support and frequently refer to the Constitution; oppose gun laws; claim that driving is a right, not a privilege; want to "police the police"; promote jury nullification, or who are "loners".

Obviously, some of the groups mentioned as "domestic terrorists" are bad characters. Anyone who initiates force is evil. Yet to clump "Defenders of the US Constitution", people who attempt to police the police (in other words to hold them accountable), and "Lone individuals" with those who seek to harm the innocent is ridiculous and dishonest. No, the real domestic terrorists are the FBI and those who support them.

The modern police state considers Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and George Washington to have been terrorists. I guess we are in good company in our opposition to tyranny.


Why would anyone allow themselves to be used as a weapon of retaliation by the "government" by joining the military?

I am a firm believer in true militias. Every person is a member of their local militia whether they accept the responsibility or not. The founders of America did not trust armies under the control of "government". They had just endured a war with the most powerful army on Earth, and did not wish to see that happen again.

An army under government control is subject to be used for evil purposes which have nothing to do with defense. Personal vendettas become excuses for traveling to distant lands which were no threat to us and killing innocents. In the process, creating a new generation of people who hate the invaders and who will find ways to strike back. No one in the world "hates us for our freedom". They hate the US government and mistake it for America. They hate it for meddling; for killing their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and neighbors. For telling them how they must live.

Militias do not travel to foreign lands. Militias simply defend their homes and neighborhoods. Militias are not under the control of a megalomaniac. Or if one arises, he gets ditched and a sane leader is chosen. Militias can come to the local defense against bullies of any sort, using any justification.

This is why believers in "government" try to distort the image of the militia, making them out to be terrorists. Those statists need to look in the mirror, but like Dracula, have no reflection.

Terrorists strike non-governmental targets to cause fear. Strikes against government employees and facilities are not terrorist acts. When government uses human shields (such as day cares in federal buildings) to protect against strikes, it becomes the terrorist. I do not condone killing except in self defense, but we need to be clear on what terrorism is and what it isn't. In its current course of action, the US federal government has become the world's largest and most dangerous terrorist group, at home and abroad. Period.

The government military is a dangerous anti-freedom force, at home and abroad. If you value freedom, but are considering joining, please don't! If you are currently in the military, take a long hard look at who you work for. It is not possible to promote the government agenda and promote liberty at the same time. Working for the government is not the way to help keep America free, nor is it the way to spread the fires of Rightful Liberty around the world.

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