Thursday, December 04, 2014

Abolish the boot heel of tyranny

Cops are where the boot heel of tyranny meets the face of the people. Your turn is coming, no matter how "law abiding" you believe yourself to be.

Unless policing is put to an end.

I am sick to death of cops molesting, beating, robbing, murdering, waylaying, raping, and causing general harm and mayhem- and idiots still fawning over them as if they are HEROES or something.

Get a clue: they are not heroes, they are the enemy of everything decent and good. Yes, they may also be the enemy of some bad people too, but don't make the fatal error of thinking that makes them your buddy. The Crips and Bloods and MS-13 are enemies (I guess- I have no real knowledge of pathetic gangs of any sort), but they are not your friends, either.

"Officer Friendly" was probably always a myth- even he committed acts of enforcement justified by counterfeit "laws" and lived on stolen money. You don't thank (or worship) a mugger just because he gets a kitten out of a tree occasionally.

You can't be a cop, performing "your duties" which go along with the "job", and be a decent or "good" person. It's impossible and self-contradictory. Yes, you may be "nice" to people you aren't enforcing on- or threatening with enforcement. No one can survive without being nice to most people most of the time- not even the worst monster imaginable.

Face the reality. Cops are bad, and are a destabilizing, dehumanizing, force for evil. They are not now, and have never been, "necessary".

Abolish the police. And in the meantime, shun them to death and let them starve in the cold, without selling them anything they need to survive, and without excusing those who continue to support these worthless tax junkies.

Yes, abolish the police and replace them with Rightful Liberty and a universally armed population. You and your descendants will be glad you did.


People don't realize what it's like...

One of the most astonishingly ignorant (or stupid) comments I saw in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision was this:

Ppl don't realize what it's really like being a police officer and facing death just to do your job.

The same could be said about an armed robber or a rapist. They face death just to do their "job", too. and their "job" is no more disgusting than that of a cop. I do "realize" a lot about cops, from peaceable interactions with some.

And the "job" of committing acts of enforcement isn't even that dangerous. Unless you're a coward, Copsuckers don't realize that a safe "job" which shouldn't be done, and which violates everyone it touches, is going to inspire some backlash and hatred.

If cops have a problem with facing death for "just" doing their "job", why don't they quit and get honest jobs? It's a simple solution.