Friday, February 05, 2021

A little bit of good doesn't justify evil

Over and over again I am stunned to see the lengths people will go to so they can keep believing in political government.

No matter what it does, no matter the actual results, they defend its existence in the face of 5000+ years of evidence. Even if they admit government sometimes commits great evil-- more than any other group has ever managed to commit-- they won't face the flawed premise it is built upon: that wrong isn't wrong if enough people sanction it.

They seem to imagine that any potential good justifies the very real evil.

I don't accept that, even as I'm able to recognize the "good" that can be sometimes accomplished (though never justified) by committing evil.

I accept that sometimes government does the right thing-- even government's gang of thugs occasionally does something worthwhile. Sometimes government gets good results. Where I part ways with the government-supremacists is that I recognize that good results or even sometimes "doing the right thing" doesn't excuse the institutionalized theft and/or coercion required to get there.

Doing wrong and having it turn out well anyway never excuses doing the wrong thing.

Was any medical knowledge gained by the Tuskegee Syphilis "study"? Probably, but that doesn't justify it. It was still evil.

Might mask mandates and forced shutdowns slow the spread of a virus? It doesn't matter because it's still wrong to do those things. Even if you are really scared of the virus.

Might draconian "border security" and "immigration" control prevent some problems? Probably, but that doesn't make it right-- get rid of the root cause of the potential problems (v*ting, welfare, and anti-defense legislation) instead of thrashing at the leaves.

It's entirely possible you could find some innocent individual who is still alive because of some specific anti-gun legislation. Even if there weren't a trade-off with lives lost as a result of such counterfeit rules, it's still wrong to violate the natural human right to own and to carry weapons.

Yet because people keep asking the wrong questions (because they either don't like the right ones or don't even know what to ask) they keep getting the wrong "answers". And this allows them to keep believing that somehow, some way, political government is something other than a cancer.

Responsible people who have worthwhile principles have to accept that they have no right to violate others just because they have (or believe they have) a good goal in mind.

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