Tuesday, January 16, 2024

"No one is taking your legs"

If I saw off your legs, and as I do so keep repeating that I'm not violating you in any way, everyone would rightly see me as a lying monster. My words are meaningless in light of my actions.

If I gave you back your sawed-off legs and said this shows I haven’t taken anything from you because you’re still in possession of your legs, I might possibly be even worse.

Maybe I would tell you I'll allow you to get a pair of wooden peg legs-- with the proper background checks and licenses, of course. So no one is taking away your right to have legs.

This is exactly what I think of the political criminals who are actively trying to take your guns away. This is what they are doing.

Anyone with a functional brain can see that they are violating the eternal, natural human right to own and carry weapons. But they keep telling the lie that this isn’t what they are doing.

Now these vermin are wanting to make sure you can’t get the ammunition used in the most common rifle in America. And trying to make it a crime to train to protect your community (specifically against criminals like them).

Yet, they keep telling the lie that they aren’t doing what they are clearly doing: violating the Second Amendment and, more importantly, your rights.

Some extremists would probably say this shows it’s time to use those arms for their intended purpose. Those wacky extremists!

Liberty is the greater good!
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Thank you.