Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Misplaced blame

People are throwing around all these accusations-- "How has Covid affected your life, your mental health, your job, your society?"-- assuming the blame lies with the virus when it doesn't. Covid-19 did none of that. 

In fact, if government hadn't been overhyping the virus you probably wouldn't have noticed it at all. Even if someone you know is said to have died of it.

Because, if they died, how would you have known to blame the virus if you hadn't been told that's what killed them? You wouldn't have. You would have assigned some other-- possibly more correct-- cause of death. You would have said they died of old age, or pneumonia, or something like that. 

Businesses are going under, people's finances are suffering (I know mine are), and their mental health is hurting, but they are pointing the finger at the wrong culprit. 

Don't blame Covid-19 for the hardships when it's the government response to the virus which is causing almost all the problems. 

Then, somehow those same people imagine government can be their salvation from the pandemic. Well, maybe it could be if it stopped responding in any way and got out of the way to allow society to come back. How likely do you think that is?

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