Monday, June 05, 2023

Hey Disney, I thought of it first

I've always been imaginative. When I was just out of high school (in the very early 80s) I came up with an idea: Offer "space cruises" for vacationers. Without needing a functional spacegoing cruise ship.

In my "Top Secret Notebook of Vital & Important Stuff" (Yes, really) I have several pages dedicated to writing and drawing up the ideas I had for this business.

Recently I've seen ads for a new Disney experience, the Galactic Starcruiser (which is soon closing, so maybe it didn't work out for them). The first time I saw that advertised it was like deja vu. Like someone had sneaked in and stolen my plans. Great minds think alike.

It's just the latest in a never-ending parade of ideas I've had (and drawn up plans for, which are in the binder) that someone else eventually put into action. I dreamed up "texting" and devices for doing so-- which worked very much like cell phones did before smartphones-- in junior high, for example.

I was (and am) good at coming up with ideas, but I have neither the technical knowledge nor the money to bring any of them to life. Back then, I used to try to get others onboard with my ideas, but that didn't work well, either.

But I suppose if any of those ideas had worked out for me I wouldn't be writing this now.

...Anyway, for your entertainment pleasure (excuse the outdated technology), here's part of the first two pages on my Starcruiser idea from the "TSNotebookOV&IS":


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