Friday, April 10, 2015

Shaneen Allen- the wrap-up.

The good news is that Shaneen Allen got pardoned.

The bad news is that she was molested in the first place- and that her molesters are still alive.

Julie On Politics has been following the case from the beginning (see also here, here, and here).

No one has any "authority" to kidnap, cage, and rob a person for carrying a gun. Not anyone anywhere.

So, the cop who first violated her right to travel, the corrupt lawyer who charged her with a "crime", the "judge"- everyone who even facilitated her abuse in any supportive role- is guilty of violating her and owes her restitution from their own pocket. They can't afford the restitution they owe.

Of course, none will have to pay because they can hide behind the mental glitch of "government" and "law".

That is what makes me really angry over this whole incident. If people would just stop pretending these thugs have any special, magical "right" to molest people in ways no one has a right to do, things like this would never happen. She could have shot the guy trying to molest her as she traveled and, after short arbitration where it was shown he initiated force, that would have been the end of it.