Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The disease of "Compliance"

People are just too compliant.  I include myself in that criticism.

The first time some pervert insisted on a urine test in exchange for a job offer, he should have been laughed at, and if he laid a hand on the person in his insistence- punched.  Now that too many people comply in order to have a job, those who would refuse will end up unemployable (in many cases, in their chosen career).

The first time some coward told someone to leave the gun at home, or with the sheriff, in order to go about your business he should have been ignored.  And shot if he tried to take the gun.  Now, in many locations, there is almost nowhere you can go off your own property without violating someone's slaughter-enabling zone.

The first time some police department set up a "sobriety checkpoint", the offending officers should have never made it home alive.  Now the slightest hesitation to submit is seen as a threat to "officer safety" and can be dealt with in a lethal manner, and your death will be "within departmental policy".  Oh, and your murderers will be rewarded and promoted, and your neighbors will think of you as the bad guy.

Normal people have enabled the death of liberty by being too polite and too compliant to unreasonable demands, and now we are ALL paying for it- while still being too compliant, so that our kids will have it worse than we do.

When will enough be enough?