Monday, August 12, 2013

The "government-owned word"

A group of psychopathic control freaks decided they "own" a particular word, and people try to accommodate them by tip-toeing around the truth.  The word is "coin".

I like the idea of these "Commodity discs".  And, I fully understand why they try to protect themselves from those aforementioned psychopaths by saying "Misrepresenting Commodity Discs as coins or legal tender is prohibited."  (And, why anyone would want to call real money "legal tender" is beyond me.  Let the counterfeit crap distributed by those who call themselves "government" suffer under that debility.)  But let's face it; they are coins, as the word is used commonly: a metal disc used as a store of trade value.

And trying to accommodate the psychopaths didn't protect Bernard von NotHaus from their vindictive attacks.

That the psychopaths have managed to steal the word "coin" to mean only those metal discs stamped out by people who have their permission and work for the same gang is irrelevant.  It's like saying "a gun isn't a gun unless it is one belonging to some individual who calls himself a government employee.  Otherwise it's a 'propulsion tube'!"  It's ridiculous.

I know a coin when I see one, and so do you.  It's just another one of those "laws" that is designed to make everyone an outlaw.  Well, fine.

They may not be "coin", but they are coins.

And so is every other "silver round" or "disc" out there.  Whether the control freaks like it or not.

I'd still love to be able to have my Silver Dubloons minted.  So if you have the desire and resources, talk to me.  Maybe we can work out a deal.  And I'll try to refrain from using the "government's word" when speaking of them.  Just so we both don't end up kidnapped by the psychopaths.

And please don't forget.