Thursday, December 01, 2022

Getting comfortable in your chains

When I lived in Colorado I noticed that I burned as much firewood before Thanksgiving as I did the entire rest of the season. Once I got used to the colder weather I didn't need as much firewood to stay comfortable.

Your comfort level adapts to the circumstances. That's great for some things, but...

I never want to get comfortable enough with tyrants trying to violate my rights that I don't resist by living free in spite of them.

This is what I see from people who live in some other countries (or states, even). They've gotten too comfortable with being violated, and they get mad when others don't accept the same violations. They do all they can to convince you to accept what they've accepted.

It's just not going to happen.

If they are content with their situation, that's fine for them. Not for me. 

I value liberty above everything, so I'm not going to willingly give it away in exchange for convenience, comfort, or "safety". Not "for the children", because I know the children would benefit more from liberty than from your pretend safety. No argument will make any difference to me. I can't be "shamed" into accepting the chains you offer. I'm not getting on that bandwagon. Go in peace, but go.

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