Thursday, May 19, 2016

Acquire skills!

If you have the right skills you can survive naked in the wilderness, at least until you can make your own clothes and tools to make things easier.

I do not yet have enough skills. I'm not even sure how to define "enough" when it comes to skills.

But every skill you learn will make it easier. Every skill will also make some "thing" unnecessary.

I love looking through "sportsman's" catalogs, especially at their camping gear. But so often I look at things and think "why would anyone buy that when it's so unnecessary".

It's usually because they are missing skills that would make it unnecessary.

It doesn't mean you have to then stop using tools you can buy. Nothing makes you value modern firemaking tools more than learning the skills to do without them. And the same goes for the value of a good knife, and shoes.

Learn skills to make as much unnecessary as possible. Then you can still get the stuff you want, but you won't need it.

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