Friday, October 21, 2022

Choosing the best situation for yourself

I suppose it's good that you can still choose a location that respects the rights that are most important to you. At least, to some extent.

I'm not concerned with abortion access personally (which may or may not actually be a right-- depending on how you see it), but I am adamant that my right to own and to carry weapons be respected. So, small-town Texas is better for me than big-city California. Even here, I'm not going to tempt the Blue Line Gangsters by flaunting my rights in their faces. I don't trust any cops, anywhere, ever.

Other people are free to choose differently if they rank their own rights differently.

I feel bad for those who feel stuck in a place that violates their rights in ways that bother them the most. I was once in their place and I hated it. I felt trapped and couldn't wait to get back to freer territory. Those who had lived there all their lives didn't even notice what was so oppressive to me. I couldn't ignore the authoritarianism. I had to escape from the East.

Are there freedoms that could make other places more attractive to me? Yes. Without a doubt. 

For one thing, I miss the Rocky Mountains a lot. The freedom of wandering the wilderness, and all the joy that brings. But Colorado has changed too much since I lived there and I'm not sure I would feel as free there anymore. I admit, I (and everyone else I knew) basically ignored Denver's authoritarian edicts, so I wasn't as affected as I could have been. But even as badly as I miss the mountains, I'm not sure I would be a good fit there now. Of course, the Rockies cover a lot of territory, so maybe someday I'll head back to some part of them, but in a place not so polluted by transplanted California tyranny.

At least for now, that option is still open. I don't take it for granted that this will always be the case.


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