Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Innocent until proven guilty"?

"Innocent until proven guilty" is (was?) a concept designed to try to keep a "justice system" from becoming a corrupt rubber-stamping of the government's will.

It didn't work, but I understand why it was done.

That doesn't mean that when you know someone did something evil you have to wait until "the system" declares him guilty to know he is guilty. That's just silly.

But that's what copsuckers demand when one of their gods gets caught. Check out some of the badgefluffing comments. Looking for any justification for thuggishness, no matter how flimsy. It's really sickening.

I don't support double standards for aggressors. It is the same if you are a freelance thug. But, freelancers have a better chance of being held accountable than their "professional" counterparts, so it is especially important to not be distracted and let the "system" excuse or justify aggression by cops.