Friday, October 20, 2023

Here we go again?

Ammo shortages, I mean. Thanks, stupid, evil governments and other worthless archators.

I'm glad I've made it a habit to never go to The Big City* without buying at least one box of 5.56-- more if I can afford it. And that I made a point to replace anything I used ASAP (even though I hadn't finished recovering from that last range day yet. Oops!)

I wish I had more, but I'm glad I've got what I've got. (I don't have enough because there's no such thing as "enough".)

The same goes for my stockpile of 9mm. And everything else. I'd much rather have it and not need it.

There were times I was tempted to skip grabbing what I could "just this one time". But, other than a couple of times when I had absolutely no money to spare, I didn't skip picking something up. Sometimes it hurt to part with the money, but I sure don't regret it now.

I can leave what's on the shelf for you without it hurting me. You're welcome.

*I would buy ammo locally if I were able to pay 2 or 3 times the price. I can't.

This blog is my job. You get to decide if I get paid. 
Please consider it.
Thank you.