Thursday, June 20, 2024

"Gun control" is slavery

Anti-gun bigots consistently deny "gun control" [sic] is slavery. How convenient for them. If true. Is it?

Slavery is when you act as though* you own a person. You assert ownership over their labor, their body, and their destiny. 

If you believe you have the "right" or the power to deny them the most effective tools of defense-- or even the natural human right of defense altogether-- you are asserting a claim over them. You are insisting your claim to their life, liberty, and property is superior to their actual claim. You are trying to control their destiny for your convenience. For your feelings. For politics!

You are acting as though you believe they are your property.

This is the foundation of slavery. It is evil. Supporting anti-gun legislation (or rules) is supporting slavery, even when the anti-gun bigots deny it.


*No one can legitimately own another person. It's a lie with a long history, but it's still a lie.

Thank you for reading.