Tuesday, May 03, 2022

When I say I dislike both sides of the abortion fight, I'm not talking about individuals with opinions. I'm speaking of the activists and the advocacy groups, and the arguments they use. Both sides.

I dislike both sides in the abortion fight very VERY much. My dislike grows stronger every year.

(part 2 here)

Keep your power

Donald Trump is an authoritarian who shouldn't have any power over your life. Surely that's not news to anyone, even those who liked him as president. Obviously the same goes for Joe Biden.


None of the politicians who say things you like should have any power over your life, either. They are also all authoritarians. That includes libertarian (and Libertarian) politicians. 

No libertarian should have power over your life,
No anarchist should have power over your life.
No one should have power over your life...

With one notable exception: YOU should have power over your life, no matter whether you're an authoritarian, a libertarian, an anarchist, or anything else. You're the only one who should. You're the most qualified for the job, even if you're an idiot. You're still a better choice for the job than any politician.

If you force someone to defend themselves or their property from you, you're giving someone else power over your life. Don't be dumb-- don't do that.


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