Thursday, March 16, 2023

Agreement is more enjoyable

In real life and online, when libertarians aren't looking for an argument I notice they pander to conservatives when in their presence by emphasizing the things they'd agree with us on. 

Then they do the same around liberals. 

I actually sort of agree with this tactic. It avoids unnecessary fights.

As long as you don't lie or avoid the truth when a different topic comes up; one where they'd disagree.

I'm happy to agree with conservatives when they take a pro-liberty position on guns, but I don't shy away when they take the anti-liberty position on cops. 

Just like I'm happy to side with liberals when they take the pro-liberty position against Cannabis prohibition and I'll turn right around and stand against them on taxation.

There have been many times when I've had good, spirited agreements with both conservatives and liberals, piling on some stupid thing "the other side" does.

As long as the topic stays one where I can agree I'm not going to bring up the issue where I have to disagree. I enjoy agreement more than disagreement. What they choose to do isn't my concern.

And a HUGE thanks to all those who already have.