Saturday, June 11, 2022

Welcome, ALL responsible gun owners

I can hardly believe how many times over the past week or so I've seen some anti-gun bigot claim "Let black and brown people start arming up and you'll see gun control [sic] tomorrow".

I shouldn't be surprised that a bigot is bigoted in multiple ways. But it's still shocking to see it expressed so openly.

The discussion never goes the way they imagine it will, though. They are very slow learners, which is why they still advocate for anti-gun legislation. The gun owners who welcome new (or old) gun owners of every type absolutely swamp the comments, and the anti-gun bigot usually goes silent quickly.

That's because most gun owners want more gun owners. They don't want to be an exclusive club. They don't really care who joins them in becoming self-responsible. They only mind if someone is arming up to commit crime and mayhem. And a few gun owners would actually probably welcome that, too. Finally allow everyone to "drop the charade" or some such thing.

I've been around gun owners of every skin color and ethnicity. The only two I was a bit worried about (due to their lack of safe gun handling skills and resistance to education) were both "white".

There has literally never been a time that I thought "if [black/brown/whatever] people started doing X, then the legislation I want would suddenly be supported by those who don't support it now!"

Are we even the same species?


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