Thursday, January 09, 2020

I can't care when politicians kill politicians

photo by- hosein charbaghi 

Maybe I should be ashamed, but I just can't get worked up over politicians killing other politicians.

The only bad thing is that other people get caught up in the pre-teen drama that is politics. If politicians can get you to behave like a fool in reaction to the things they do to each other, that's on you.

Yes, I realize this sort of thing could cause an overreaction that would harm innocent people, but politicians aren't ever innocent. They asked for whatever they get. They are reaping the fruits of their labors. Their chickens have come home to roost.

Make no mistake, generals (and other military officers) are politicians just like presidents, muggers, rapists, police, congressvermin, or anyone else who uses the political means. Scum of the Earth.

If they all killed each other until none were left, but left the rest of us out of it, I wouldn't shed a tear. It's just too bad they are able to affect the rest of us out here in the real world.

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