Monday, November 02, 2015

Who uses whom?

A while back on a "libertarian"/conservative's blog, the following quote was used: "DOES THE GOVERNMENT SERVE THE PEOPLE OR DO THE PEOPLE SERVE THE GOVERNMENT?"

Well, now, that's an interesting question which can only be asked by someone deeply indoctrinated.

Government has never served "the people"... except as a snack. And that's why the problem exists.

People allow a dangerous predator to control every aspect of their lives, and act as though it can be a friend. Or a tool. 

I have especially seen government compared to one particular tool: a gun. But if it is such a tool, it is a tool that kills the one using it. Always. It either kills you physically, or it kills you spiritually, morally, and ethically. You can't use government without taking damage.

If government can be compared to a gun, it is a highly radioactive gun, and you aren't immune.