Thursday, July 29, 2021

It's amazing... the amount of effort the Universe is willing to put in-- just short of turning the laws of physics inside-out-- to make sure I don't make money. It's hard not to take it personally.

Anti-gun bigots are just bigots

It shouldn't surprise anyone that anti-gun bigots are also bigoted in other ways. But sometimes the depth of their bigotry surprises me anyway.

This one bigot just kept heaping her bigotries on top of each other (see for yourself if you're interested).

She said. "You oppose all gun safety laws? Mass murderers, domestic terrorists, insurrectionists, criminals, felons, those in mental health crisis, domestic abusers, non-citizens, and mass murderers all salute and thank you.

That's a lot of bigotry packed into one tweet.

Before looking at all her bigotry, look at her dishonesty. Want to bet she's a BlueAnon nut who believes there was an insurrection back in January

Of course, "gun safety" is a lie. Guns don't need to be protected from anyone but politicians, and the only real way to do that is with more guns. I suppose she dishonestly means safety "from guns". I'm surrounded by guns and unless someone touches one of them in an unsafe manner, they pose no threat to me. I'm not afraid of them, not even a little bit. And the best way to protect myself from bad guys with guns is with guns. Even those who imagine police are there to protect them would be out of luck if the cops showed up to face (other) bad guys without guns. She's not worried about safety, she just wants to make sure no one can effectively defend themselves from her favorite bad guys-- whichever sort they might be.

Notice she mentioned mass murderers twice. Yet, anti-gun bigots are the biggest cheerleaders for mass murderers, salivating over the chance to offer them unarmed victims to their heart's content, so it's telling that she repeats herself.

Oh, but she doesn't stop there.  This is when her bigotry rears its head. 

"Criminals"? "Felons"? I guarantee you she has committed crimes. There's no way not to in today's police state. But not all criminals or felons committed acts of archation, much less acts of aggression. Even if they did, that can't erase natural human rights, even though many pretend it does. To advocate violating the rights of "criminals" and "felons" is bigotry. 

She apparently doesn't even notice that she seems to be assuming "non-citizens" are automatically to be treated like criminals. Notice, she didn't even claim they were "illegal immigrants" [sic], just "non-citizens". If that's not toxic bigotry, what is? 

People in a mental health crisis might need to be defended against, but they still have all their rights intact. And, remember who gets to define "normal mental health". Do you trust them to make the right call? Even after the 2020 debacles?

She kept focusing, in various tweets, on "White males", too. I pointed out this racism, but she responded that "A white woman mocking white men is not racist, it’s sport. (Sexist perhaps)." So she almost accepted her bigotry in one case. Of course, she also posted a meme hinting at the size of gun owners' "virile" (?).

Later, after I linked to my explanation of what rights are-- because she asked-- she wanted to know "Did God make that list? Old white men? Asking for minorities and women.". You can go back and read what I wrote about rights at that link and see where it excludes anyone. She can't even see how bigoted her assumptions are.

Even after all her bigotry, she claimed I have "liberal anxiety" when she's the one advocating fascistic legislation. Delusional to the end.

She's like a parody of all the anti-gun bigots' bigotry, ignorance, and dishonesty rolled into one bitter little pill. But she's a hilarious inspiration.


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