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Rationed rights

I know someone who, against my advice, recently got a concealed carry permit. His experience drives home why I believe it's a mistake to beg bullies for permission to exercise your natural human rights.

The process is insulting and degrading. It is designed to treat you like a common criminal.

There was a "fingerprinting"-- this of a person who has already been fingerprinted multiple times and undergone an extensive background check in order to get his current government "job". That wasn't good enough.

Then, there were drawn-out delays caused by a technical glitch wherein they wouldn't accept that he had worked for the same place twice, but with a different job sandwiched in between. The "system" wouldn't accept that answer. Not sure how a person's job history is supposed to validate their right to carry a weapon anyway.

I'm supposing my long-term "self-employment" would disqualify me in their eyes, or at least give them reasons to be suspicious and put me through the wringer.

Then there was the delay after eventual approval while waiting for his rights to come by mail so that he could start exercising them. In all, I believe the process took a month and a half or so. Rights delayed are rights denied... but so are rights licensed.

I understand, somewhat, the desire to "stay legal", if you believe that will keep you safe from the molesters in blue (and their co-conspirators) you might encounter. But that safety is an illusion. They'll murder you regardless of your permit, pat each other on the back for a job well done, go grab a beer, and get a paid vacation out of it.

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