Friday, February 11, 2022

Kent's Cabinet of Wonders

I have a little cabinet full of ammunition-- my "Bullet Display". It hangs on my living room wall and has followed me from place to place for many years. through all sorts of upheavals. It gets added to occasionally, but not so often anymore.

Most of the cartridges it holds don't fit any firearm I have. A lot of them were in a big cardboard box of ammo (and other things) an old man once gave me at a flea market. I found homes for the ones I couldn't use-- other than keeping one of anything I didn't have in the cabinet.

People have given me cartridges after seeing the cabinet and discovering it lacks something they have. At current prices, that may not happen much anymore.

People nearly always seem to find it interesting, even if they aren't "gun people".

It's just one of the collections I have.

My son wants to inherit this cabinet and its contents when I'm gone. He hasn't asked for my skull collection or my kerosene lamp collection. Can't figure out why.

Added: After my son read this post he texted to say he would display my skulls and lamps proudly.


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