Monday, December 07, 2015


People are always saying humans are tribal. It's why they claim you can't get rid of "national borders"- they don't notice the absurdity of that claim.

If someone is an aggressor/property violator, they are not of my tribe. I don't care too much what happens to them. Maybe that's not nice, but aggression comes at a price.

If someone lives minding their own business, not initiating force or violating property, I'll bend over backwards to help and support them. I don't care what color they are or what language they speak, or where they were born. They are "my people". My tribe.

This is the only form of tribalism I can relate to. Anything else is contrived and artificial and meaningless.

You can't put borders around this tribe, because it isn't geographic. It is spread out all over the planet. Among those of the enemy tribes. Any attempt to place borders around this tribe would be as ridiculously harmful as "national borders"; clumping people together who have too little in common to be forced together. Forcing people together in spite of opposing principles, goals, values, and drives. Dividing true tribes and mashing the fragments together with enemy tribes. It's precarious and a recipe for disaster.

But, go right ahead- just remember when your chickens come home to roost: you were warned.