Wednesday, May 13, 2015

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Just a reminder that I have things for sale. (Including on eBay.) Selling things would really be good right now.



Rulers are not leaders unless you follow willingly

I accept the fact that there is no such thing as "authority". And because of that truth, no one can have a "right" to rule anyone else.

Not through a vote, or an appointment to an office, or being hired.

People can take positions of leadership, but if you achieve your position politically, you are not a "leader". If people are not allowed to choose to not follow you, you are not a leader. If you push from behind to make people go where they don't want to go, you are not a leader. If you claim "authority" is why you can get away with behaving this way you are fooling yourself as much as you are fooling anyone else.

If this is you, please jump off a high cliff and do a messy swan dive into rocky ground, and I encourage all your foollowers (originally a typo, but I like it) to follow you.