Thursday, February 18, 2021


Every human is a scientist; we all "do science". We are born doing science.

The thing is, we aren't all good at doing science. That includes those who call themselves "scientists" or science "experts". They are no better at doing science than anyone else, they just get more unearned credibility when they speak on the subject (even when their topic has nothing to do with their narrow field of "expertise").

Science (including medical science) doesn't require government funding, a billion-dollar laboratory, or a Ph.D. Yes, some humans who do science have those things, but they aren't essential. Nor do those things guarantee good science is being done. It still depends more on the human doing the science, and their ability to do science right.

If you "listen to the science" without doing it yourself, you have to decide whether you trust that the person you're listening to did science well. Then you need to decide if they are trustworthy and credible. If they are also involved in politics, the answer is "No, they aren't".


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