Friday, October 02, 2020

Take your census and...

I'm not sure why the census rankles me so badly.

Maybe it has to do with the propaganda telling people to answer the census because it means more "federal" money for the state. Yay... loot.

Maybe it's because the census is also about apportioning political representation, which I neither want nor need.

Maybe it's because they are just too nosey. I don't like answering questions for government or its proxies. Ever.

Whatever the case, I don't feel like participating. I avoided them last time around; I plan to do so again, although this time may be harder since I know the census taker personally (through my daughter).

I realize the Constitution requires the feral government to count heads. however it does not require me to assist them in doing so. I know the Lawgivers have made up subsequent rules saying that responding to the census is compulsory, but whatever. The Constitution says they are to count heads, nothing else. It does not allow government busybodies to ask the other stuff I've heard they ask. 

The burden is on them to ask, not on me to answer. Or to even let them find me to ask.

It's always interesting how seriously they comply with what the Constitution demands as long as it suits their agenda, but how quickly they sweep its demands under the rug when it doesn't.

Case in point: The Constitution requires government to not make up anti-gun legislation; just as specifically as it requires them to count people. Yet, they ignore that requirement because they don't like it. It gets in their way and doesn't increase their power and control; in fact, it takes power away from them.

How come they insist on following the Constitution on one thing and not the other? You know the answer.

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