Tuesday, November 24, 2020

"Listen to the science"

This is what we are told, and I agree.

But, those who say this usually believe "the science" is defined as that which agrees with their Left-Statist government-supremacist opinions. When there are two scientific trains of thought (as there often are), they only want you to listen to the one they agree with. Ignore the other.

And sometimes "the science" isn't even the right factor to consider.

Do masks work? Do lockdowns work? I don't know and I don't really care. It's entirely the wrong question. The right question would be "Who has the right to order you to do either of these things?" The answer is "No one".

I recently went with the family to Mexican food restaurant. No one was requested to wear masks to walk through the door. (Some people did anyway.) No one was scolding anyone for not wearing a mask. People were friendly and relaxed. It was almost just like a normal pre-panicdemic evening out.

The next day I went to PlastiCrap world. They were only letting 75 shoppers at a time in the store. It was cold, breezy, and misty and I waited in line for over half an hour to be allowed into the store. In this line, I was the only person-- outdoors, standing at least 6 feet apart-- who wasn't wearing a mask the whole time. I did pull up my bandana to enter the store (without being asked).

Why such stark differences? Because the restaurant was in Texas and the store was in New Mexico. Texas politicians aren't going insane about this cold virus, while New Mexico politicians seem to be competing to see how insane they can be. 

Pretending that the virus is an actual risk, I am willing to put up with some added risk for a little more liberty. I don't demand you do the same, but stay out of my way.

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