Saturday, December 03, 2022

"Hey, Look at this other shiny thing over here..."

In the hours leading up to the story about Twitter's suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story I watched those on the BiDenmocrat side panicking and trying to redirect focus to what Trumpublicans (or those associated with that side) did or might have done.


Yes, yes, all politicians are crooked and everyone associated with them probably is, too. But trying to divert attention from the ethical crimes of those trying hard to protect your guy by pointing out the crimes of someone else's guy probably isn't going to work with anyone who isn't already on your team... or totally apathetic. 

Unfortunately, the Leftstream media is mostly on your team and will be helping hide the truth. Again. This is how this situation was created in the first place-- so I guess you didn't learn. Or maybe you did learn that it works well enough. (I would count all their work on behalf of Biden as a campaign contribution, because it is one.)

To me, your panic mode makes it look more like you think Daddy Joe "The Big Guy" Biden is guilty than if you just shut your yaps. 

Let the info on Twitter's suppression of the laptop news come out and take your lumps. This is about Twitter's dishonest behavior, not about the Biden family's crimes, anyway. And, it seems like Twitter's BiDenmocrat partisans thought the Bidens did something they needed to help hide, whether or not that is what happened.

If you think anyone other than your team is going to decide to care more about old news than current events... well, since politics makes people stupid, you might be right. Nothing will really change, anyway (I would love to be proven wrong about that).

Watching the reactions on Twitter for a couple of hours shows one thing: this is a perfect example of people seeing what they want to see. Maybe what they are primed to see. 

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