Thursday, September 30, 2021

Anthony Fauci is Death? Faucheus is French for the Grim Reaper. Coincidence?

Improbable things and gullibility

Sometimes I think about earlier eras, when naive people believed in sheep plants (not cotton) and other animals that grew from the ground. When they believed in things like cockatrices and werewolves and strange people with backward feet and people without heads but faces on their chests instead. And they wrote detailed descriptions of the characteristics of these things as though they were real, and told of encountering them somewhere off the map, where no reader was likely to venture.

But people believed in these things. Really odd beliefs based in a deep ignorance of what was real and why these things they believed in were biologically improbable (or impossible). 

But at least it was an interesting time if you allowed yourself to believe in these things.

And then I smile because I know sapient beings will eventually look back on the belief in political government the same way, shaking their heads that anyone could believe such silliness and improbabilities. Think how many of your acquaintances actually believe in this stuff even now!


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