Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The Wall is strong in this one

Have you ever noticed that you can point something out to someone and a few days later it's as though you said nothing?

I'm not talking about them just disagreeing with you-- that's normal-- but acting as though the conversation never even happened.

I see this a lot when talking with statists.

The one example that comes to mind is pointing out that the Constitution doesn't allow immigration control, and the statist seeming to hear and understand, but a couple of days later, hearing them talking again about "illegal aliens" in the same breath as criticizing the politicians they don't like for violating the Constitution on some other issue. I've experienced this more times than I can keep track of, including discussions about the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs and anti-gun legislation. It's bewildering to me. 

But I guess it depends on how badly they hate and/or fear the thing they want government to break the law to go after.

What to do? I could either say, again, that immigration control is unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) so that they can wipe it from their mind quickly again, or I can just take note of the phenomenon and put it in my brain's database for future reference. Which one I choose depends on how I feel at the moment.

On other issues or topics, political or personal, I do the same. I can either waste time and effort saying my piece again and again, or I can just move on. Eventually, I always move on since words and logic just don't break through the barrier.


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