Monday, January 18, 2016

Keep v*ting- I'm sure it will work next time

How can people believe v*ting can change the direction of government in any real way?

And how can they believe the outcome represents the will of the majority? Or that just because the majority wants something it should be forced on everyone? Do they believe any outcome is OK as long as it wins the v*te?

Let's put the reality of v*oting to the test. I touched on this in one of my newspaper columns a while back.

Let's say there's been a plane crash, with 20 survivors. Maybe this happened in a very remote area, perhaps as a result of an EMP, so there's no hope of being found through modern technology. Whatever the reason, just imagine the chance of a rescue coming any time soon is very slim.

After escaping the wreckage you find there are a dozen survivors who are able to walk. Do you try to walk out to be rescued or do you sit and wait for rescuers to show up? Some of those who wouldn't have a chance of walking out could still get around well enough to help those left behind- even if they'd rather not be left.

It's probably better to stick together, so how should you decide whether everyone should stay or go? If you believe in v*ting, you may decide to let the majority decide- and follow the government rules established for elections- maybe skipping the whole "v*ter ID" thing.

Two of those survivors are too young to get a v*te. One guy doesn't speak the language of the others, and doesn't know what's being discussed so he doesn't get to v*te. Two of the survivors admit they are former felons, so obviously they don't get to weigh in. So that leaves 7 who are allowed to v*te on whether to walk out of the crash site or stay put. If the v*te runs 4 to 3 in favor of walking out, how is the best way to handle this? Sure maybe one of those who v*ted to stay put will go along with the majority v*te- humans can be very cooperative even when it is not in their best interests.Then you'll have 5 v*ters voluntarily leaving the site.

Should the fate of all be decided by 25% of the group? What if, like in all things political, the actual deciders are a much tinier percentage than even that? How small a minority of the group- even if they are the majority of v*ters- should get to make decisions that will be forced on all?

V*ting is a sick way to settle things. Almost nothing should ever be subject to a v*te- and rights and liberty are never among them.

If you v*te you are agreeing to play by the rules bad people have laid out for you. You are agreeing to abide by the results. Some say you have no right to complain if you don't v*te- that's not even close. If anything, those who complain after agreeing to play a rigged game and losing, look hypocritical when they complain that it didn't go the way they wanted.

You do what you want, but v*ting lends an air of legitimacy to the rigged political game. If it could change anything it would be illegal. But keep v*ting and pretending you are "doing something". I'm sure you can v*te back liberty any year now.