Monday, November 12, 2018

Coercive "solutions" make problems worse

Just because there's a problem, that doesn't make it OK to violate people because of the problem.

Poverty exists. It's not good. That doesn't justify theft-financed "welfare" programs, even if they eased the pain of poverty. There are better, voluntary ways to deal with it.

Maybe Anthropogenic Global Climate Change is real. Maybe not. Maybe, if it is real, it is a net negative. But even if it is, that doesn't justify putting government in charge of fixing the problem; empowering government to crush your rights-- your life, liberty, and property-- to fix it. Even if government-- the world's worst despoiler of the environment-- even had any actual inclination to do so, or knew how.

Even if anti-gun "laws" would reduce crime (archation), it doesn't mean it's OK to violate the natural human right to own and to carry weapons.

Even though people are born ignorant, that's no excuse for forcing others to pay to indoctrinate them as they grow. And if you say it's about education, you're lying.

The right to violate rights, even with good intentions, doesn't exist. Even if it actually worked.

Problems are always going to exist. Government is just another problem, and can't solve the others. If you can't think of a way to make problems less harmful without stealing and attacking other people, you are part of the problem. It's time for you to let it go.

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